A variety of gameplay modes designed to build up and challenge your skill at setting traps. Enjoy the main story, meet all the objectives to clear a mission, pit your trap skills against your friends' online, and more.
Before viewing a replay, you can choose to upload it to YouTube. If this option is chosen, the video will be encoded as you are watching, and uploaded once the playback is complete. During the playback you can move the camera freely and press buttons to play laughing, screaming, or cheering audio clips, which will all be reflected in the uploaded video.
*Only PlayStation®3 version.
Cross-Quest Mode is where you can take on missions downloaded from other players, or create your own to upload online. This is the place to pit your trap skills against other players around the world.
  • Here is the Cross-Quests menu. The first two options relate to downloaded quests, while the last three are for quests you can create and post online.

  • Let's try creating our own quest. First, choose a stage and room where the challenge will take place, and up to 3 enemy characters to battle against. The setup is the same as in Free Battle Mode.

  • Next, you must set between 2-4 conditions for clearing the quest. The number values and other information within each condition can be changed.

  • Now the room, enemies, and conditions have been set for your quest! Choose "Start Test" to give it a test run.

  • The test has begun. Before you can post your new quest online, you must first be able to clear it yourself.

  • You've cleared the quest, and can now post it online! No matter how difficult a Cross-Quest you've downloaded is, the fact that the creator has cleared it once proves that it can be done.

In Free Battle Mode, you can choose your own stages and enemies to battle with. You can choose enemy and stage combinations not possible in Story Mode, multiple enemies of the same character, or whatever else you desire. This is the best mode to test out new trap combos.
  • Here you can select the stage, room, and up to 3 enemies.
    These are unlocked in Story Mode, so the further in the story you've progressed, the more options will be available.

Daemon Requests are mini challenges that your Daemons will issue in Story Mode. They are completely optional, and there is no penalty for not fulfilling them. If you do fulfill them, however, your Daemons will reward you with extra Exp. points for their trap style.
  • As the battle commences, Caelea respectfully issues her request.

  • You've been requested to electrocute an enemy. Better check whether you brought an electric trap with you into battle.

  • You can check your current Daemon Requests in the pause menu. The Requests from each Daemon reflect their individual personalities and trap preferences.

  • You've electrocuted an enemy and fulfilled Caelea's request. Your Daemon compliments you on a job well done and adds to your Elaborate points, bringing you one step closer to unlocking a new Elaborate trap!

Fulfill the objectives of each mission in order to clear it. These missions present a variety of challenges that require more advanced trap-setting strategy than Story mode.
  • Here's the list of missions. Some are easy, some have multiple enemies, some have extremely short time limits, and so on, offering a wide range of ways to test your trap-laying strategy.

  • Your objective and time limit will show on screen when the mission starts. Clearing the objective in time will require some cunning and familiarity with the properties of your traps.

  • Mission complete! You can use the Warl and EXP just as in Story mode.