A variety of offensive, defensive, and other skills can be freely assigned to the △ and □ buttons. Mix and match to find the combination that best fits your play style. You can even assign the same ability to both buttons in order to use it twice as often, reduce the recharge time, or gain other advantages depending on the ability.

The Activate Trap ability allows players to assign a particular trap to a button, so that it can be activated at any time separately from the sequence assigned to X.
  • Fans of the one-trap-per-button system of past Deception games can assign the Activate Trap ability to two separate buttons and have a third trap set up in the sequence.

The Auto-defense ability allows Laegrinna to automatically evade attacks, making it very difficult to be killed by enemies.
  • This can be helpful for beginners who are still getting used to the game; however, Ark earned is cut in half while Auto-defense is enabled, so players are not advised to rely on it too heavily.

An evasive maneuver returning from previous Deception games.
Rolling allows you to evade certain attacks that can not be outrun.
  • This enemy's flamethrower would burn Laegrinna to a crisp if she tried to outrun it.
    Only by rolling can she escape its reach.

  • Laegrinna successfully avoids the flames.
    Some types of attacks can inflict you with certain conditions, so it's useful to have Rolling assigned in order to avoid them.

Some abilities allow you to engage directly with the enemy.
Enrage Beam is one of these. This concentrated blast of magic does no physical damage to its target, but enrages him so that his judgment is impaired.
  • Your would-be assassin hesitates as he senses the arrival of the Scarlet Express.
    Now is the perfect time to provoke him with an Enrage Beam!

  • The assassin is provoked into a fury and comes running for Laegrinna with reckless abandon, unheeding of the fate that is speeding toward him.