Game Flow
The Game Loop
This game is divided into three main parts; everyday school life as a high school girl in the real world, exploring another world as a Reflector, and overwhelming battles against the Sephira.
Through the repetition of these three parts, this tale will unfold.
<Basic Flow of the Game>
[1] The Ordinary: School Life

During your school life, you will not only advance the story but also deepen your friendships with other students after lessons have ended and take on a variety of missions.
[2] The Extraordinary: The Common

In the Common, you will mainly search for items and fight battles in order to complete the missions you have accepted whilst at school or to resolve other student's problems.
[3] The Extraordinary: Battles with Sephira

Repeating the cycle of school life and visits to the Common will advance the main story, eventually causing a "Sephira" to appear in the real world. Sephira appear at various points during the story, and Hinako stands up to fight them in order to both realize her own personal wish and to save the world.
A Story from the Crossroads between Two Worlds
The ordinary life of a high school girl in the real world, and the extraordinary experiences exploring another world as a Reflector.
Here's an introduction to how Hinako spends her days, moving back and forth between the real world and The Common.
Hinako's day starts from waking up and getting ready for school. Take a glimpse into Hinako's morning routine.
Special scenes interacting with other students can occur at various times during the day like, whilst going to school or during recess. Whether these scenes occur or not is decided by "exchange points". These represent how close you've become with that student; if such a scene does occur, it's an indication that you've become good friends.
Once lessons are finished for the day you can walk freely around the school. Depending on where you visit, you may meet with other students or leave the school together. Other students will even discuss their problems with you. Make the most of this time!
Students with a serious problem will be surrounded by a black aura, clearly marking the danger they are facing. Talking to them will allow you to accept a mission in order to resolve their problem. There is a variety of different missions, including relatively simple ones such as providing a specific item.
The causes of the students' problems sometimes aren't just in the real world; they can be rooted in the Common, too. In these cases, locating the emotional "Fragment" causing the problem will resolve the issue.
You can find all sorts of items in the Common. However, violent demons also lurk there! You'll need to be careful!
Encounter a demon and a battle will begin.
You can use attacks and skills to fight. Joint Attacks performed by your three characters can be used to deal massive damage. Victory in battle will reward you with items.
When you find a demon in the Common, launching a preemptive attack will allow you to start that battle with the upper hand.
The true feelings of the troubled students are revealed after you overcome the difficulties of the Common and find the Fragment. This is your chance to find out what these seemingly easy-going students are really thinking. Once you've learned the truth, you will be able to return to the real world.
Return to the real world and the aura around the student will have vanished, indicating that the problem has been solved. With that, the mission is complete and as thanks you will receive items and other rewards. When you complete a serious problem, as well as obtaining the Fragment, Hinako and her friends will also grow more powerful. Resolving problems and missions in this fashion will strengthen the bonds between Hinako and other students increasing your exchange points with them.
As you resolve missions and problems and spend your days with the other students, abnormal events can occur in the real world. Mysterious, massive creatures called "Sephira" will appear and start to attack regular people.
In order to protect the school, students and other people from this danger, the Reflectors will stand up to face the Sephira. Sephira are exceedingly larger than humans are and far more powerful than the demons encountered in the Common. Just one powerful attack can be enough to plunge Hinako and her friends into peril.
Fighting the Sephira is far more difficult than fighting demons. As well as using her power as a Reflector to the full, Hinako will also need the support of the friends she had made through her everyday interactions.
Hinako and her friends must repeatedly cycle through the ordinary and the extraordinary, all the while fighting off the intermittent attacks of the Sephira. But just what do the Sephira want? Ceaselessly attacking and reappearing no matter how many times they are defeated.
*Screens shown are from a development version of the game.