Customizable Protagonist

Create your very own character and join the fearless Scout Regiment. Battle through the gripping stories of Season 1 and 2 of the anime from a new perspective!

UPDATECharacter Editor

The character creation studio offers a multitude of customization options, including the ability to tweak Body Shape, Hairstyle, Facial Features, Clothing, and Tone of Voice.

Town Life

"Town Life" sections provide a brief respite for the characters wherein they can enjoy ordinary life in-between battles. Players can use this time to develop relationships or to train an prepare for their next expedition.

Not only for story progression, "Town Life" sections give players the chance to converse with companions and challenge missions that explore side stories and increase your fighting strength

Titan Research Room

Visiting the Titan Research Room will allow players to view the Titans they’ve caught using a Restraining Gun in battle, as well as read through detailed information to aid them in future encounters.

Equipment Development

The player will be able to develop equipment such as blades, gases, and ODM gear.


The player can enhance their abilities to achieve better results in battle.

Scout Missions

Scouts are able to take on scout missions from regiment officers. These missions are a good avenue for gaining EXP, regiment funds, and rare materials—ones you would not come across even in important missions.
You can choose which allies you want to join you during scout missions, and your friendship level with such characters will be raised.

Regiment Administration

Regiment Administration is a place where you can make proposals regarding regiment affairs. Proposed policies will remain in effect until you propose a new policy or return from a mission. R&D allows you to develop and upgrade bases for use in the field.
Policy allows you to make a wide array of proposals to aid you both in daily life and in combat. R&D allows you to develop and upgrade bases for use in the field.

Interactions with Characters

The player will be able to deepen relationships with scout members such as Eren and Levi. You can enjoy side stories when you raise friendship levels to a certain extent.

More versatile omni-directional action!

Evolved Titan action for deeper battles!

Experience the Season 2 story of the anime!

Deepen relationships with familiar characters!