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Born Nagasada Mori, son of Yoshinari Mori in the Mino region northeast of present day Nagoya. His older brother Nagayoshi suppressed an insurrection at Ise Nagashima, and was awarded 200,000 goku for his success. (A goku is a unit of measure for rice, roughly equivalent to a one year supply for one man. The more goku a leader possesses, the more troops he is able to feed, and thus, the stronger his influence.) In addition, Nagayoshi accompanied Hideyoshi Toyotomi and participated in the Battle of Nagakute, where he died while still in his youth. From an early age, Ranmaru was Nobunaga's attendant. Recognized for his talent and loyalty, he was appointed to a responsible post. At Oumi, he was given 500 goku, and after Katsuyori Takeda's death, he was awarded the 50,000 goku at Iwamura Castle in Mino. While residing with Nobunaga at Honnouji Temple, Mitsuhide Akechi launched a fierce assault. Even though they fought resolutely, Ranmaru and his younger brothers perished defending Nobunaga.

Extremely swift of foot. His weapon is a large war sword, which is nearly as long as he is tall.