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A ninja who served under two generations: Ieyasu Tokugawa and his father Hirotada Matsudaira. When he was just 16 years old, he led dozens of soldiers and set fire to the Mikawa Uto Castle. His illustrious career included an attack on the Enshu Kakegawa Castle, the Battles of Anegawa and Mikatagahara, and the fight against Katsuyori Takeda. During the Honnouji Incident, Hattori rescued the marooned Tokugawa and escorted him all the way from Sakai to Okazaki. That escape, known as the Iga Crossing (because it spanned the province of Iga), was one of the most perilous moments of Tokugawa’s life. Hattori consequently became head of Tokugawa’s echelon of ninja. When Tokugawa moved the capital from Kyoto to Kanto (the plain surrounding modern day Tokyo), Hattori was given a mansion at the western gate of Edo Castle.

Without question, a master of ninjutsu action. His weapon is the kuzarigama – the sickle and chain.