Mahoroba Village
The forefront of the battle against the Oni

Mahoroba Village serves as your home base in the fight against the Oni.

Currently, the realm of man is protected from the Oni by various villages populated by Slayers, starting with Mahoroba Village. In addition to the Slayers, mystical women known as Shrine Maidens also reside in these villages, erecting a type of barrier that protects the villages and keeps the Slayers within them safe and sound. As a result, various types of people have flocked to these villages in search of safety and attempt to restore some sense of normalcy to their lives.

Slayers' Headquarters

This location serves as the base of operations for the Slayers stationed in Mahoroba Village.

Command Center

The Command Center issues all of the missions for the Slayers to carry out. This is where you get your orders to go out and face the Oni menace.


This is where Slayers can learn the basics of their craft.


These are instructions that must be carried out. In this game, the story advances not by missions received from the Command Center, but by carrying out the orders given to you. While doing so, you must not only adhere to your responsibilities as a Slayer, but also follow the directives of the Slayers organization as well.


This is a residence given to you by the Professor that has been converted from one of her former storage facilities. Here, you can change your equipment, view a record of your actions, and more.

Equipment Chest

This is where you store your weapons and armor. You can also change the equipment you are wearing.

Materials Chest

This is where you store the various materials you collect during your journeys.


These are letters from other characters that have been delivered to you. You will often receive thank you letters for helping people with their requests.


These are writings that contain the details of your adventures.


This enables you to advance time within the game.


This facility forges and upgrades weapons and armor for the Slayers.


Use materials and Haku* to forge new weapons and armor.


Upgrade the abilities of your weapons and armor.

*Haku: A spiritual energy harvested during the Ritual of Purification. It is required to create and reforge weapons and armor, and a crystalized form of it is also used as a type of currency.
Kiyomaro the Blacksmith

Kiyomaro is a master blacksmith that traverses the Otherworld in search of new techniques in order to craft the greatest equipment in the land. Kiyomaro is able to fortify your equipment beyond what is capable at the regular Mahoroba Village blacksmith.

The stats for your equipment increase greatly after the 10th fortification.


This facility was created to promote the development of the Mitama and strengthen your bonds with them. It is managed by Kuon the Shrine Maiden.


You can pray to the shrine in order to increase the rate at which your Mitama develop, or the frequency with which you encounter new Mitama.


This is a restaurant run by Kuon the Shrine Maiden in her spare time. She will cook you various dishes if you provide her with the ingredients. Strange things may happen if you eat them...


This shop sells everything from weapons and armor to Oni materials and food. It is a mystery how the Shop receives the shipments necessary to stock its shelves.

Inventory at the Shop changes depending on the Security Rating

By increasing the Security Rating of an Age, you will enable the Shop to stock rare and unique items. You can increase an Age's Security Rating by defeating the Oni within that Age.

Pool of Purity

This hot springs is formed from the natural spring waters of a nearby waterfall. Slayers come here to relax after their hard-fought battles against the Oni. By bathing in the Pool of Purity, you may gain temporary Boosts as well as engage your friends in conversation.


A cauldron that is located in the Professor's laboratory. It can be used to synthesize materials.

You can create the materials needed to forge new equipment or fortify existing gear. Each material needed for fortification has predetermined materials that can be used in its creation.

Each material has a Compatibility rating, and the total Compatibility of the combined materials will equal the Success Rate for the synthesis. Try to use materials that will equal a Success Rate of at least 100.

If the synthesis is successful, the resulting material will be added to your inventory.