Use the inherent abilities of the Slayers
to repel the powerful Oni!

A powerful attack to be used against the Oni that has been honed over generations of Slayers, it unleashes a forceful blast that utilizes the full power of one's spirit. It is capable of defeating small Oni or the body part of a large Oni in a single blow.

A special ability of Slayers, it enables them to cleanse the world of the Oni. It emits a ring of light that purifies an Oni's remains and body parts and expels them from this world. Purifying body parts prevents them from regenerating.

This is a special ability of Slayers. It awakens the senses and enables them to see the life force of the Oni. It also helps reveal hidden secrets of the Otherworld.

A recently developed ability of Slayers, it channels Haku to a Slayer's legs to offer a boost of speed while running.