The land is in chaos as time collapses and folds in upon itself due to the appearance of mysterious demons simply referred to as the Oni. As one of the warriors with special abilities known as a Slayer, it is up to you to protect the realm of man, fighting alongside your allies.

In order to defeat a large Oni, it is not enough to simply attack it. You must first sever, pierce, or crush its body parts in order to destroy them.

Use a variety of deadly weapons

There are 11 unique weapon types, from hard-hitting gauntlets to knives which can unleash a flurry of rapid attacks. Select the weapon that best suits your gameplay style as you fight to take down the Oni.

Mitama - the souls of heroes from throughout Japanese history

Mitama are the souls of heroes that have been imprisoned by the Oni. Defeat the Oni to free the Mitama and use them to power up your character. There are more than 200 Mitama covering various eras of Japanese history, each with their own portrait and voice samples, encouraging you to collect them all.

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