In the main mode, Story Mode, the player becomes the protagonist and experiences alternative stories, in addition to the historical story of the unification of Japan. A world of fan favorite alternative scenarios, such as "What if Yoshimoto Imagawa survived the battle at Okehazama," and "What if Shingen had managed to reach the capital," will open up before you.
In order to clear the many objectives that arise, it will be important to strategically progress through the battle by switching between up to 4 characters stationed around the map. Also, by having playable characters increase and decrease over the course of the battle, players will be further immersed into the story.
Even more, with actions from "SAMURAI WARRIORS 4" such as Hyper Action, which allows dispatching of enemies while moving, and Rage mode, which can be used when your Spirit Gauge is full to power up your attacks, players will be able to play a more exhilarating Chronicles game.
The popular Challenge Mode from "Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends" returns for this game. In this mode players need to reach the goal within a limited time, all while encountering numerous objectives. Clearing these objectives will extend the time limit, allowing you to aim for a higher score.
The rankings used to compare players' scores from Challenge Mode has evolved, and now includes a "Class" system. Based on the weekly results within each class, players can move up in class and also earn rewards. The chance to earn rewards will increase for both new and experienced players alike.
Also, the Battle History panels that get unlocked as you progress through the game have been overhauled, adding in requirements based on the player's actions during battle. Even more, costumes of Famous Officers will be added to your character parts based on Favor, adding more goals for you to enjoy every time you play the game.
※Images are from the PlayStation®Vita version.