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Intuitive politics system

Pay close attention to the various skills of and compatibilities between officers, and appoint them to the roles for which they are most suited.

As the number of territories under your control increases through success in battle, you will be able to rebuild your home castle. Larger castles contain more rooms, allowing more Magistrates to be appointed and a wider range of policies to be proposed. There are also a variety of different construction options for these larger castles, allowing you to focus on your chosen area, be it "Development," "Military" or something else!

Appoint Magistrates and employ their proposals for added strategic complexity!

Appointing Magistrates

Appointing Magistrates Two officers can be placed in each room of your castle, making them Magistrates of specific areas such as "Development" or "Personnel." The Development Magistrates will affect the territory's Rice Yield and Commerce parameters, while the Personnel Magistrates will affect the Loyalty of all officers.

Officer compatibility

Officer compatibility The effectiveness of your Magistrates will also be affected by the compatibility between and relationship status of the two officers assigned to the same task. The more officers you have under your command, the greater variety of combinations you will have at your disposal. Pair your officers together wisely, and draw out the full potential of your clan.


Proposals Your Magistrates will propose a wide variety of political policies to you. The Military Magistrate will propose strategies to give you an advantage in battle, the Diplomacy Magistrate will propose policies such as forming alliances with other clans, while the Strategy Magistrate will propose ideas to undermine enemy clans. As the game continues, more proposals will become available.

Special proposals

Special proposals There are certain proposals that can only be made by specific officers, making these officers particularly valuable.
Example: "Free Markets" develops the Commerce of all controlled territories, and can only be proposed by Nobunaga Oda.

Army composition

Army composition Once you have appointed your Magistrates, decided on policy, and strengthened your forces, it is time for battle. Here you can decide which officers to take into battle, and how many units of supplies you will need. The maximum Troop Strength of each participating officer is determined by their "Position" in the clan - be it "Unit Leader" or "Strategist." The more supplies you take into battle, the longer the time limit will be.


The links between the Strategy and Battle phases The rises and falls in the clan's parameters, together with the effects of policy decisions, will exert great influence on battles. Gold, Supplies, Troop Strength, Loyalty, Formations, Battlefield Tactics and more will all change the way you fight. The more comprehensive your preparation at the castle, the greater the advantage you will enjoy on the battlefield. Your battle style will also change depending on the political category you choose to give most weight.

The Strategist *NEW*

New to the series, the role of the Strategist is to be the Daimyo's closest advisor. The higher the abilities of your Strategist, the greater the increase in your clan's parameters will be each turn. You can also "Seek Advice" from your Strategist regarding the wisest policy at any point. One of the greatest difficulties with any strategy game is knowing how much you need to build up your military strength before attacking - and your Strategist can help on that front, too.
The Strategist is positioned within the Daimyo's chamber in the 3D virtual castle, and is a very helpful presence for newcomers to the series.


When you rule over a territory that has one or more facilities, you will be able to execute policies pertaining to those facilities. This means that it is not just a matter of who you rule, but also where you rule, that changes the way you play.


"Gold Mine" allows for the policy "Mine Gold."
This is a way to boost your coffers quickly.


"Gunsmith" allows for the policies "Rifleman Raid" and "Projectile Damage."
This allows you to call in a rifleman unit and deal significant damage to the enemy.


By fulfilling certain conditions, such as defeating specific enemy officers, you can obtain new banners.
Banners can be placed within your home castle to change its look, and also have a variety of secondary effects, such as increased income.


Save data bonuses

If you have save data from "SAMURAI WARRIORS 4" or "SAMURAI WARRIORS 4-Ⅱ," you can receive bonus banners related to the main characters of each of those games: the Sanada brothers, and Naomasa Ii, respectively. Each of these banners will also yield special effects.


"SAMURAI WARRIORS 4" Sanada Army (Gold)



*Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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