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Custom characters

All customizable parts from "SAMURAI WARRIORS 4" return, as well as new costumes and voices.

This title features all of the customizable parts from "SAMURAI WARRIORS 4," as well as the playable character costumes from "SAMURAI WARRIORS Chronicles 3." In addition, there are 6 new costume sets, 10 new face parts, and extra voices for men and women making a total of 10 varieties.
You can create as many as 200 custom characters in this title. Finally, the ability to exchange characters has been included, enabling you to swap in your own creations for existing historical characters, and customize the Warring States period to your own specifications.

Custom characters

Customizable categories increased!

The number of customizable categories for your custom characters has increased. You can now customize their visual appearance, political proclivities, and move sets, meaning that nearly anything is possible. Family crests, Musou kanji, and portraits can all be set as your own images saved to the hard disk drive. You can now make your characters just the way you want them!

Edit Mode

Edit Mode The editable categories have been expanded for the Empires iteration.

Name & Relations

Name & Relations You can edit your character's name, as well as set their parent, and their compatibility type. Officers who share the same compatibility type will be more effective if they are assigned to the same magistrateship.

Armor & Weapons

Armor & Weapons Select from a wide variety of styles and colors of armor, and set the crest to be inscribed on its back.
Select your weapon type and the kanji displayed when executing a Musou Attack.

Character Exchange

Character Exchange Exchange a custom character with an existing historical character.


Abilities In addition to the usual battle parameters (Attack, Defense etc), this title also features political parameters such as Leadership, Wisdom and Politics, which you can set for your custom character. You can also set the special policies your character can propose. For example, as in the picture, you can elect to create a character with a high Wisdom score and with the special policy "Assassinate."

*Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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