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Personal drama

Dramatic interactions between characters are depicted, with a focus on the developing relationships between them. Your decisions will greatly affect the development of friendships and rivalries among your officers.

In the "Empires" franchise, any character can be controlled as your main character, and equally, any character can appear in the various cut-scenes. Not only can you pick your favorite character and make them powerful, but you can also watch as their relationships develop along the way.

Relationships can develop not only between allied officers, but also between enemies. Occasionally, in-battle objectives will arise in which you are tasked with defeating a mighty enemy officer, after which, this officer may become your "nemesis." In any further encounters with your nemesis, he or she will make a point of seeking you out in battle. Respect as enemies can develop into true friendship. Like the storied rivalry between Kenshin Uesugi and Shingen Takeda, you can build a mighty rivalry of your own, by your own hand.

Relationship info

All officers in your clan can form relationships with other officers. Current relationship status can be confirmed at the information screen.


Female officers and individualized minor officers

This title features the first appearance in the series of over 100 female officers and over 100 individualized minor officers, all of whom now have their own appearances and stats. The new female officers are often wives of famous officers or other women who made history in their own right. For the minor officers, famous daimyo and others who have been requested by the fans have been selected.
minor officers

Custom characters make a splash

The most significant augmentation in terms of custom characters comes in their full integration into the drama of interpersonal relationships. Custom characters can form friendships and rivalries with famous officers or other custom characters, and can even get married. Create your own version of famous characters, or create an avatar of yourself, and shape the Warring States era to your own desires!
Custom characters

Hot springs

Hot springs events will occasionally occur, in which certain officers will take others to a special hot spring in order to ease their fatigue. Officers from different regions will take them to different locations, making this a nice little tour of the nation's hot springs. However, hot springs tend to be high up in the mountains. Let's hope you can make it there safely...

*Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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