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Work as a team, and claim enemy bases.
Armies are pitched against each other in "Base Battles."
Individual commands to each of your allies also return.

Battle in this title follows the Empires-style of "Base Battles." By claiming enemy bases and turning them into allied bases, you can establish "supply lines" linking together your strongholds on the battlefield. By working together with your allies, and wisely distributing the point of attack, you can push the lines up until you can lay siege to the enemy main camp. While maintaining the exhilaration of the "one vs a thousand" battle-style, this adds a wide array of strategic elements, from planning a route of attack, to deciding which characters to use, and what commands to give to your other allied officers.


Claiming a base

By defeating enemies within an enemy base, the "base gauge" depletes. When this gauge reaches zero, you will claim the base.
Additionally, in this title, you can claim "chains" of enemy bases by cutting off enemy supply lines and isolating enemy bases. Analyzing the enemy battalion placements will enable you to seize the advantage more efficiently.

Claiming a base

Working with your allies


Working with your allies is extremely important in the Empires titles. While fighting in the normal Warriors style, you can use the directional buttons to give commands to all allies in real time. Commands can also be issued to individual allies, using simple controls, in order to have them each attack an enemy, defend a base or defend an ally. Allied officers can also use charges and other special moves in order to assist the player.

For any officer pairings that have an established relationship such as "Sworn Allies" or "Master and Protégé," you can switch between them when taking them both into battle (when one is selected as the primary character).
Relationships can be developed by appointing officers to the same magistrateship and by having them fight together in battle. The more relationships you can establish, the more options you will have in battle.


Formations and Battlefield Tactics

The formations which were so popular in "SAMURAI WARRIORS 2 Empires" return in this title. By executing the "Formations" policies proposed by your Military Magistrates, the number of formations available will increase. Certain formations can only be proposed by specific characters.
Formations affect all officers in your army. For example, the "Fish" formation increases the Attack strength of all allies, while the "Wings" formation increases their Defense.
The enemy forces will also use formations. Each of the three types of formation (Attack, Defense, Speed) has compatibility with the other types, so it is important to use the appropriate formation to give you an advantage over the enemy.

The other key factor which can change the face of battle is "Battlefield Tactics."
There are two types: Basic Tactics and Executable Tactics.

Basic Tactics
Proposed by the Military Magistrates, these have an effect simply by taking them into battle.
"Troop Economy" - Mitigate reductions in allied troop strength.
"Block Enemy Aid" - Hinder the arrival of enemy reinforcements.
"All Playable" - Allow you to switch control between all allied officers.
Executable Tactics
Proposed by the Strategy Magistrates, these can be executed at any point during battle.
"Cavalry Charge" - Call in the Cavalry, and panic enemy officers.
"Officer Capture" - Capture enemy officers upon defeating them. (Captured enemy officers can sometimes be recruited.)

Reinforcements and defection

By using the "Request Coalition" policy proposed by the Diplomacy Magistrates, you can receive reinforcements from your allies.
Successful use of the "Bribe" policy proposed by the Strategy Magistrates will allow you to make a deal with one or more enemy officers to defect to your side during battle.

Historical events

When battles which have historical precedent (Takeda Army vs Uesugi Army, Oda Army vs Imagawa Army etc) take place, historical events are triggered. When certain character pairs meet on the battlefield, history-based conversations will also take place.


The Takeda Army vs the Uesugi Army. The mightiest of all confrontations is about to take place.


Naomasa Ii, having taken on the mantle of the "red-clad warriors" after Shingen Takeda's death, encounters Yukimura Sanada, another proud of his red armor. This is a special encounter, not rooted in history.

*Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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