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Changes with story progression

Castle Town Facilities

The towns have a number of facilities. As the story progresses, more types of facilities become available.

Castle Town

As the story progresses, the number of Castle Towns will increase,
with towns at the Sanada Main Castle, Ueda Castle, and Ōsaka Castle.
Furthermore, as the towns grow, events will be triggered and new facilities will appear.

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Raifukuji Residence

The house of Sakyō Raifukuji at Ueda Castle.
He likes to collect conch shells and the entire dwelling is full of them.
During the game, players can give him any shells they find to unlock officers that don't appear in the main story and use those officers in free play.

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By planting seeds at farms, players can harvest certain materials.
By playing the mini-game "Hoeing," players can earn a chance to harvest even more materials (vegetables and fruits).
With rarer seeds, players can get higher ranked materials. These materials are used in creating items and as presents.

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You can offer materials to the Jizō in the town.
After a time, there is a change in the materials and through a mini-game, you can recover them.
Rumors also say that the townsman who is always near the Jizō is a shady character...

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Call characters to the teahouse to talk or give them gifts.
Giving presents raises your friendship level, and once this reaches the max,
they will accompany you on exploration trips.
Also each character has a favorite material and finding what it is is also fun.

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Strange Shops

In the Ōsaka Castle Town, there are a number of shops,
and some sell items that cannot be found elsewhere in the game.

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Use the materials you find during exploration trips to improve and upgrade your weapons.
By handing over materials and money, you can add functionality to your weapon; including stronger attacks, wider range, or various elemental effects with a total of 99 to choose from.
Through story progression further enhancements become available.

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By handing over the materials you get from fishing or farming, you can get various items for use in battle.

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Buy a horse to ride into battle.
Some towns can have some really rare finds if you keep looking.


Practicing here allows you to learn new actions.
As your level increases, a variety of new skills to learn are unlocked.

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Library and Vault

In the Library, records of "Past Multi-Stage Battles" are kept.
This allows you to replay all of the battles you've already experienced. You can also use the "Sanada Clan Chronicles" to review information about other battles and officers that appear in the game.
In the Vault you can review music, events, check on Multi-Stage Battle missions and so on.

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Fishing Pond

Relax with fishing. With the right bait, you can catch some rare fish.
These fish can be used as materials for items or as presents.


Many houses line the street of a castle town.
During the day, the town is bright and cheerful.

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 *Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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