Story progresses while experiencing everyday activities.

Game Flow

Starting from the Castle Town, players are able to progress through the Story, leave on Explorations or Multi-Stage Battles!

Castle Town
In the town, players will control Masayuki or Yukimura to advance the Story.
As the Story progresses, further facilities open up and more activities are available!
Castle Town facilities


There are many officers and townsfolk. Various events occur through the player's interaction with them.


Work out and train in preparation for the upcoming battle.


Gather the materials needed to improve weapons, giving you an edge in battle. Also purchase horses for use in battle!


Through interacting with officers and townfolk, players are given tasks that are important in advancing the story. These tasks include a variety of activities, such as gathering intel and exploration trips.

Sanada Six Coins

By completing tasks and through conversations, players can receive "Six Coins." Players use the Six Coins to trigger "Stratagems" during battle.

Daily Briefs

The Castle town will have a number of facilities, including a fishing spot, a farm, shops, and so on. Each of these places allows players to obtain items or train.


Players can freely venture into certain areas, like the Sanada Homeland, Mt. Asama Foothills, or Lake Suwa Banks.
There they can gather items, explore previously undeveloped land or other activities outside of fighting on the battlefield.
They will also be able to bring friendly characters along with them.

Multi-Stage Battle
Battles will occur over a longer term, across multiple battlefields - including the events leading up to the final fight, smaller battles and those at supporting castles. Through this, players will get a feel for a battle on a larger scale than ever before. As time passes, situations will evolve, and players can enjoy a greater strategic battle. Fulfilling certain conditions during battle will earn the player's recognition, which in turn can result in obtaining Six Coins. By using the Six Coins accumulated in the town or battlefields, players are able to use the Strategems system to gain advantages for themselves. There are a number of tactics that can be used this way.


Battle across multiple Battlefields!

Climactic Clash

Secondary Battlefields
Battles where the Sanada family did not play a major role are called "Secondary Battlefields". Around the time of the Battle of Ueda Castle, Mitsunari Ishida and Ieyasu Tokugawa were having it out at the Battle of Sekigahara. Though they happened at the same time, players are able to join these supporting battles!
Sanada Six Coins
 *Screens shown are from a development version of the game.

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