You can create original officers in the game in order to play as a unique character of your own creation.
Everything from the officer's name, portrait, personality, and abilities can be customized, as well as their relationships with others, including his or her parent, spouse, and sworn siblings.
Additionally, the new gameplay features of "ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIII" enable you to set the officer's Values to determine the character traits such as Duty, Aptitude, and Bravery that they find important; the Forte they can use to raise the Ability Lv of an officer they form a Bond with; and their Preference for specialties such as Armor, Treasure, or Alcohol. You can even choose their Expertise for when they become a Minister, Governor, Viceroy, or Ruler.

Expertise Examples

Brilliant Strategist City officers gain maximum troops and morale. Just And Impartial City officers' loyalty increases every season.
Friends Among Enemies Gain the ability to do spy missions that can cause an enemy officer to defect to your side during battle. Personable Increases starting progress on diplomacy missions.
Agricultural Increases the level of officers' agricultural skill.昇 Mercantile Increases the level of officers' commercial skill.
Logistical Focus Lowers army's provision consumption. Piercingly Rational Lowers the working time of Domestic commands such as Market, Farmland, and School.
Expedition Aide Soldiers return home faster. Horse Training City officers' horse aptitude increases.
Bow Training City officers' bow aptitude increases. Spear Training City officers' spear aptitude increases.
Cautious Defender City units' defense increases and mobility slightly falls. Reckless Charger City units' mobility increases and defense slightly falls.

You can customize the abilities of your original officers as you see fit.

Watch as the Chart updates with the various relationships you forge, such as naming Lu Bu as a parent, selecting Zhang Liao as a sworn brother officer, and more.

Feel free to add your own personal touch to the Three Kingdoms story by making your officer raise a banner and set out on his or her own, or start the game as the ruler of an entire kingdom. Indeed, the possibilities are endless.

You can also change the portraits for historical officers as well. Even some portraits that do not appear in the regular game are available, including a younger version of Cao Cao.

※Images taken from in-development Windows® system version.