Each officer has personality traits that they value, such as Aptitude for those that favor intelligence; Bravery for those that prefer ability in battle; and Duty for those that remain true to their word and obligations.
All officers have a Record that they keep based on each of their Values. This record tracks the various actions they take, and can have an effect on their relationships with other officers.

The Values of each officer will differ per person, and developing the Record relating to a specific Value will eventually help increase the Rapport with those officers who share that ideal.


Officers have preference to which of the Specialties they enjoy the most, such as Armor, Tomes, Treasure, or Alcohol.
By giving an officer an item that matches their Preference, their Rapport with you will increase, and they will gain Interest in you.

Give Cao Cao, who favors Tomes, the Six Secret Teachings.

Your Rapport with Cao Cao will increase, and you will be able to form a Bond with him.


Whether you play as a low-ranking officer or the ruler of an entire kingdom, the Bonds formed between you and others will prove instrumental in uniting the land of China.
By forging Bonds with other officers, you can receive bonuses when carrying out Domestic commands, increase the attack strength of your unit in battle, receive various forms of cooperation and assistance from others, and much more.
Bonds can be formed between you and officers in other forces as well, and the more Bonds you form, the easier it is to proceed through the game.

In order to form a Bond with another officer, you will need to assist them while on missions or perform other tasks to raise their Rapport with you.

Once an officer's Rapport with you has reached a certain level, you can visit them to trigger an event requesting to form a Bond with you.

Some characters have a unique Bond between them, such as "An Unbreakable Bond" between Sun Ce and Zhou Yu.

As you forge Bonds with characters, it will make it easier to create additional Bonds with others.

Officers that you form a Bond with can help you with Domestic commands or during battles.

You can also learn or level-up Abilities from officers you share a Bond with, making it an important part of your character's development.


You can hire officers from other forces, or ones that are not affiliated with any particular force.
 If you wish to use the Hire command directly, you will need to be introduced to the officer you wish to hire by a common acquaintance on the Chart.

The relationship between you and the officer you wish to hire will be vital in successfully employing them.

If you are not acquainted with the officer you wish to hire, you will be able to visit them after receiving a Letter of Introduction.

Officers you hire can make great contributions to the success of your force.。


You can use the Mentor command with officers you have developed a strong relationship with to increase your Leadership, Politics, War, and Intelligence ratings, or obtain and power-up Abilities and Strategies.

The officer in the mentorship with the higher rating will receive more Experience.

Sometimes, you may need to engage in a Duel or Debate with the officer mentoring you. If you win, not only will your abilities go up, but you may also learn an Ability or Strategy that the mentoring officer knows.

You can execute the Mentor command when the officer you want to mentor you is in a state of Gratitude or Interest towards you. This command can only be used once with that officer.

Entice / Spy

You can form relationships with enemy officers, using commands such as Entice to lower their loyalty towards their ruler, or Spy to convince them to defect to your side during battle.
The use of these commands can help give you an advantage in battle, or when forming a force of your own.

Instill mistrust between officers and their ruler in order to lower their loyalty.

Although your Intelligence rating is important to the success of commands such as Entice and Spy, the Spy command also requires a strong Rapport with the target officer.

Use Entice to reduce an officer's loyalty and then use Spy to get them to defect to your force, enabling that officer to join your side during battle.
You can decide when the officer defects during battle, making it an important tactic to play when it benefits you the most.

You can also use Entice to reduce the loyalty of officers within your own force, increasing the chances they will join you if you use commands such as Revolt or Raise Flag to create a force of your own.

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