From the lowest officer to the ruler of an entire kingdom, select your favorite character from more than 700 officers within the game, a new high for the series.
With a Chart that depicts the relationships and importance of your character and other officers, and the Bonds between them that influence your domestic and military commands, you can see the complex factors that served as the basis for the drama of the age.
Additionally, the Hero Mode allows you to clear stages one at a time, letting you experience the fascinating stories of these heroes for yourself.
The Chart can also focus on a single officer and the relationships that he or she have forged over time. The yellow lines shown on the Chart depict the Bonds between two characters.
A Bond formed between Liu Bei and Zhang Fei following the Peach Garden Oath.
In Hero Mode, you can play through stages that help you learn how to play the game.
Experience the action in full 3D and in real-time as massive armies clash on the battlefield. From a "Strategy" that can turn the tide of battle, to thrilling one-on-one duels, the warfare that defined the period has been faithfully recreated within the game.
In addition to having an eye for strategy for the various situations that present themselves in each battle, you will need to utilize the unique characteristics of each officer in order to lead your forces to victory.
The battle scenes change from the overall map to a dedicated screen to put you right at the heart of the action.
Famous strategies such as "Burn" enable you to skillfully unleash fire attacks that can utilize the direction of the wind to spread throughout the enemy ranks.
Plains, rivers, mountains, and deserts... Witness the vast splendor of the Chinese continent as you take in more than 60 cities in all, the most ever in the series.
Enjoy seamless transitions into the cities themselves, and watch as they develop before your very eyes.
Wuwei - a city within the deserts of Xiliang
Jincheng - a city within Xiliang
Xiangyang - a large city within Jing Province
Luoyang - the Eastern Han capital that faces the Yellow River
Watch as numerous facilities are erected throughout Luoyang
※Images taken from in-development Windows® system version.