While there were 10 playable characters in the previous release, players can choose from an even larger roster of characters! Over 30 playable characters are planned, beginning with the reveal of new playable characters Miche, Nanaba and Gelgar! Look forward to future updates about which characters will join the roster.
Eren Jaeger
Born and raised in the Shiganshina District, he has yearned to see the world beyond the wall from a young age. With a strong fascination for the outside world and a fostered hatred for the Titans due to the death of his mother during the Titan breach in 845, he joined the 104th Cadet Corps with the ultimate goal of joining the Scout Regiment and wiping out the Titans from the world. After three years of rigorous training, he graduated ranked fifth in his class.
Although mentally strong and highly motivated, therein existed the danger of his anger throwing him into a blinding fit of rage.
Mikasa Ackerman
A rare descendant of Asian blood, Eren once saved her after her parents were killed by thieves. Since then, she sought to always be by his side even going as far as joining the 104th Cadet Corps with him wherein her hidden talents flourished and she graduated at the top of their class.
With Eren being her only remaining family, she seeks to keep Eren safe at all times. Although normally level-headed even in critical situations, she loses herself in situations involving Eren.
Armin Arlert
Born and raised in the Shiganshina District, he grew up alongside Eren and Mikasa with a similar fascination for the world beyond the wall. Despite his concerns over his physical strength, he joined the 104th Cadet Corps and endured three years of harsh training. Although he did not graduate in the top percantile, he earned top marks in his coursework.
Though he is shameful of always being protected by his childhood friends due to his timidity and shyness, his excellent analytical ability and good judgement shows his extraordinary talent as an intellectual solder.
Referred to as "Humanity's Strongest Solder", the Lieutenant of the Scout Regiment and leader of the elite Special Operations Squad (also known as the Levi Squad with members hand-picked by Levi himself), he possesses incredible combat skills said to be comparable to an entire brigade.
With an absurd obsession for cleanliness, he is never satisfied unless the camp is thoroughly cleaned. However, despite his rough and neurotic personality that can sometimes seem rude, he has a strong sense of responsibility and a deep trust towards Erwin.
Miche Zacharias
The Scout Regiment Section Commander whose strength is second only to Levi with a similarly deep trust towards Erwin. He has a keen sense of smell giving him the ability to detect for Titans in his surroundings. A taciturn man, he has a strange habit of sniffing those who meets for the first time and then snorting out a laugh.
An experienced and highly skilled soldier even among the elite members of the Scout Regiment. With the ability to stay calm even during emergency situations, she is able to issue precise orders and coordinate well with typical squad mates, Miche and Gelgar of the Scout Regiment.
An experienced and highly skilled soldier even among the elite members of the Scout Regiment. His battle experience is evident from how his courage continuous to burn even when facing Titans. This bravery is another cornerstone of the excellent teamwork shown when he is joined by typical squad mates, Miche and Nanaba of the Scout Regiment.
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